Too Many Want To Take Advantage.

There is something no matter where I go and see other good willed people suffer the same issue. We always end up getting screwed over by people for being nice and giving kindness. These people who take advantage seem to fall into several areas:

The Backbiter; As soon as you be nice to them, help them out, brighten their day. They quickly turn on you like a rattlesnake and backstab you by posting nasty comments, stories or down talking about you to other people.

The Blanker; Blankers are people who sponge off of your kindness, then out of the blue completely ignore you without any reasonable explanation whatsoever. So you are left there wondering what the hell you did, you send an apology and then get blanked again.

The Drama Llama; These are people that make stuff up or spread rumors to make themselves out to be so hard done by when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. If you post a status about how you are having a good day, they will send you messages to make you feel lowered. For example; I post pictures of my pet cat, I get a message from ********* and they send me a message how their cat died with an obvious over exaggerated story. When you put your foot down and say I'm sorry I am too busy or something honest along those lines, they go into a drama fit making you out to be the biggest jerk on the planet and tell everyone they know about how "horrible" you are.

The Sponger; The spongers are people who are only nice to you only when they want something. They act like your most true friend and once you are unable to give them something they need they just toss you aside like a ragdoll. Unlike the blankers, they do come back every now and again once they think they can gain something out of you. Once they have gained something from you out of kindness or generosity, again they drop you and only come back when they need something.

The Headgamer: These are the most sickest of them all, they will use your kindness and good will and screw you over. Instead of dropping you, they twist things to convince you that you are always at fault and should give them all the attention only when it suits them and not you. They will manipulate you into doing things that you would not normally agree to and if you refuse they make you feel lower than dirt. Even after they drop you for someone else, they still make you feel like trash and feel that you need them in your life when ideally you don't.
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4 Responses Dec 2, 2011

Ran into a few 'Headgamers', myself. But, hey. Be careful. Sometimes the DramaLlamas aren't just making stuff up.

We all have the same experiences, but I have found over the last few years that the more you surround yourself with 'like' minds, the more the spongers, drama lama's, head gamers will fall away. Please have faith in this. I was once there. When you go inward and discover what you need the rest will fall into place.<br />
<br />
Do not get me wrong, they may still come to you probably because they want "your light", but you'll learn to handle them far better then you could ever know. <3

Hello Kawa,<br />
<br />
Yes……… Like you….. I have also said the exact same thing……… let me just get off this “planet”<br />
There are many keys to use in the spiritual sense that can unlock doors that will want you to stay and bring your inner love to those around you.<br />
<br />
We are here in body so that our soul can learn. Yes… it can be very tough to watch others in pain or one self. Under the pain is enfolding joy.<br />
<br />
I wish you well on your journey on this amazing planet. <br />
<br />
In Peace and Light!

Maybe they should all go to another planet and we can keep earth.....