Miss Him

my boyfriend is in the military n he is over seas rite now hes been there since feb of this year we have bn together for over a year but i worry sometimes that he might change his mind bout us or not want to b wit me when he gets home but everytime we talk he tells me how much i mean to him n how much he cares bout me n wants to b wit me n start our own lil family when he gets home hes gonna b home in sept n alot cn change b4 then i think that its just me freakin out cuz i have never bn wit anyone in the military b4 so thats y i think its just me cuz everyone else i have bn wit wasnt faithful or honest to me n this one is n im just scared cuz i finally got some one who is honest n faithful to me n im scared to lose him i love him so much he knows how i feel about him i tell him everyday n he tells me everyday to
navyswthrt navyswthrt
26-30, F
Jul 14, 2010