I Need Help In My Marriage Before It Ends

At first with my husband was soo great i used to get butterflies in my stomach when he phoned me got excited when he finishes work to see him but all of that has gone i had many problems with his family especially his parents now we hardly have contact with them just when they remember to come and visit his never stood up for me to his parents he keeps telling me yeah this time i will set them straight that never happens but the worse bit is that he thinks everything is ok with us but im not i dont want to lose him ive been years with him now his been my first for everything. he comes home from work he eats and we going to put a movie then he falls asleep on the sofa and this happenes every night we have no communication atall we dont know what to talk about apart from his work im never in the mood for sex he is but im never am i dont know whats happenening ive been like this for almost 2 years and i keep saying to myself this will all go away and we'll be inlove again ive tryed talking to him about what i think of his familiy and tht im depressed but it always ends up in a fight then he says yeah im gonna change etc... never happens ive tryed scaring him by saying im leaving him and tht doesnt work he says he loves me but why dont i feel the same way. he spends alot of time working which he works for himself his addiceted to work. i know his not cheating cause i know he wouldnt do that to me i just wanna feel the way i used to and i cant figure out how my anger keeps on going worse with him im tired of every thing every day the same thing we have a child togther which im with my baby 24/7 what can i do? i dont want a break cause i dont believe in break for a break its a break up and i dont want that please any1 if u have advices pls tell me
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1 Response Apr 21, 2011

Ok, let's start with something. Breath and let go of the anger. Now, ask yourself. Why aren't you happy? Is it because of him, or because somewhere deep down you're not happy with yourself; maybe you expected your life to be different (or being married or being a mom to be different?). It's ok if you're going through a tough time. It's also ok if you feel lonely sometimes. It doesn't mean you have to "break up" it means that you need to take a step back and just breath and let go of all the negative thoughts you have. It's time to start a new page. A new start. Choose to be happier for yourself, for your child, for your husband. You have all the options. You can choose to leave, if you want, or stay, if you want. The most important aspect of all is for you to smile. All you really need to do is love yourself enough to know what to do next. Good luck! You're not alone.