I Love Him, But Does He Love Me Back?

i love him but i think im losing him. he has not really talked to me for 3 or more days and im not sure if he even wants to be with me anymore. he is one of the reason i am alive. so what do i do to make him know how much he means to me? like im not even sure if im still his girlfriend. and just the thoght of that kills me. i really would hate to lose him.
EnemyOfLife EnemyOfLife
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2 Responses May 24, 2011

@WickedLies: im not sure whats going on in his life right now but yeah, he just walks by me. it really does hurt like hell because he is the 1st guy i fell in love with. and thanks :P

@ WickedLies: no we didnt fight. we goo to school together and e has not talk to me, text me, or call me so im not sure if i did something or what