I Lost Him... But...

Ok it's been awhile since I've posted on here and a lots happened he moved away it was good for six months we had our anniversary but we couldn't see each other he told me it was forever and that he was going to marry me but then he breaks up with me. He broke up with me for a girl who rejected him and ridiculed him all over facebook. And after I got with my new boyfriend he wants me back :/ I loved him but the second time was the last I said to him and he's all like Jess your going out with a fu*king 12 year old and your 14 so I say Connor he's turning 13 and you only want me back because he has me! then he's like Jess you only started going out with him you love me but you only like him! and then I say No Connor I'm not going to cheat on him for you! then all is quiet. I was really sick of it but we did have something magical and we really connected we just got lost somewhere along the way. But right now I think I'm happy with where I am for now. I have a really sweet boyfriend and I love him but I really wanna get to know him better! ♥
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May 5, 2012