It's Her Or Him

my mother has been in my house since nov. 2006 when she got very sick. well she's not sick anymore yet she wont go home. my husband is really pissed and so am i. she is my mother and i try to respect her but she needs to leave. if she don't he will and if that happens i will never again speak to her and she will never see me or my children again. she knows she 's causing problems but she won't leave.

my husband knows i love him more than i do her so he is trying to control his anger but i can't keep expecting him to be disrespected like she is doing. and i am begining to hate her for this. 

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4 Responses Apr 8, 2007

Why do you love a man over the woman who bore you?

You have to talk to her and get her into the picture she doesn't want her daughter to be alone, And also try your best to keep your husband patient and happy .

I am on your side. Get rid of your mother.

I had the same problem with my mother-in-law. Except that we were living in her house. I guess she thought that since it was her house, that she could put me and my children down and get away with it. My husband and I finally decided that enough is enough. I ran some extra runs, against moms wishes and got up enough money to finally move out. If it kills me, we will never be in the situation where we have to live with someone else to survive.