I Love Him! But We Always Fight!

Me and my botfriend have been together for 2 years now, and the love i have for him just keeps growing, he makes me feel special and one of a kind at times.... then other times he calls me names and we get into fights over the stupidist things. Like one time we got into a fight over what i was wearing! I thought he would like what i was wearing but nooo he hated it. He made me take it off and put on his workout clothes. Im afraid to lose him because hes the only man that i ever trusted, or loved. I lost my virginity to him and i dont think i can live without him. I have been through alot of things in my life and he made me feel whole again. I want him to stop hurting my feelings but i dont wanna lose him. And everytime i bring up something about it we break up. then a month later i go crawling back to him. I cant stay away and i cant continue to stay! Im lost. I just want him to change!
peacewuzhere peacewuzhere
May 15, 2012