"he Is My Everything"

I should pretend that am fine and nothing is happen, he doesn't care about my feelings or what felt about that situation. Because his rules is NO QUESTIONS, NO DRAMAS so its mean I can't open on him about my feelings. So I learn to kept and ignore my feelings even though its really hurts on my side, because am afraid to lose him.

I have a daughter and I really miss her so much! The true father of my little princess, he is irresponsible, selfish and he really like having sex with other woman. So I decided to break up with him and we are not marriage of course, and one thing even a one pc. of a diaper he never provide am the one who work hard to raise our daughter. And the most painful happen in our relationship of the father of my daughter am the one who provided to finish his studies and after he graduated even a word thank you I never hear on him instead he cheat on me.

And now this is how my story starts without the true father of my daughter. I meet a guy he is nice sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, a person who can provides our need because he has a business and of course he has a good looking. It is a long story on how we meet and how we started.
I love this guy so much and now he is my HUSBAND and am proud on it! he thought me everything and he accept my pass and my daughter. My daughter all she thought my husband is her real father we kept on her the truth even on his family side because he want to protect us and I really appreciate that! but my daughter is now under the guidance of my parents. But he has a attitude that he never listen on my side or he is blind on my side. And that's makes me hurt so much. And one thing his FAMILY is actually doesn't like on me b'coz the truth is he has a fiance' but her fiance' is working in HILTON HOTEL, while me hehe I don't have a experience in working like her fiance because I was not able to finish my college. But I never leave him the times when HE is SICK really sick am the one who sacrifice in taking care on him. I thought before I cannot call him my husband because I was thinking am just one of his woman and nothing is serious, but God knows the day when I saw Him I truly LOVE HIM everyday I wish that someday I will have someone like HIM in my life. But I never expect that he will felt on me and now he own me but he never propose a marriage on me. But still am here doing a job as a wife.
I love him so much, I love him more than anything in this world.
Hide1988 Hide1988
22-25, F
May 23, 2012