Not My First Bf But He Is My First Love.

He hurts me many times in physical especially in my feelings.He always look in one side of my attitude but God knows am not a bad person same on what he was thinking on me right now. I am not perfect girl I admit that, I did some mistake that I never mean on it. But ever seen even though so many times he hurts me and my feelings I never change especially in his family I never been selfish I always share everything even though I don't have anything left on me, its because I Love Him so much.. He always reminding me that he really loves me but sometimes I became hopeless in this relationship and very tired.
Even though his not my first BF but God knows He is my first love because I never give up on him and I never change on.. I always giving a reason on my self why I should stay on this relationship its simply because I Don't Want to Lose Him..
Hide1988 Hide1988
22-25, F
May 25, 2012