We Need to Break It Off

I have been with my boyfriend for four years, and neither of us have been faithful, and i have been sneaking behind his back for close to three months now. we've both screwed up on numerous occassions, so i would think the best thing to do is to just break it off. i can't lose him. everytime i think about my life without him in it, i feel like i'm going to have a panic attack. it doesn't make sense to me to not have him there, but it would be best if he wasn't there.
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4 Responses Apr 16, 2007

lostn'excited has a good point. you have to look at your future.. and realize that although he's become a part of you from filling a void for so long.. you need to face the fact that he is just fillign a void, and although he is a lot of what you are looking for.. he's not everything.. and thats why you keep seeking it in other people.. and you will never be completely happy if you stay with him.. realize the fist step might be hard, but the bit of struggle you have will be worth it to find someone who can truly make you happy in the end.. rather thna going through more years of struggling to make a perfect love with someone who just cant do it for you.

You never stop loving someone that you've been with for a lon time. The secret is just knowing when it is time to become a stronger person and do something that will hurt yourself (and possibly someone else) for the betterment of your future and theirs. I'm struggling with this too right now. GOOD LUCK

I have to agree with meaganapple. The two of you sound like you are just each other's 'safeties'. When all else fails, when there aren't any more extra bodies, you two return to each other. That's how feelings get hurt, diseases get spread, lives get lost. Wise up1

If you can't stand to be without him and you don't wanna lose him then why are you cheating on him? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. You just don't wanna lose the relationship because it's been so long, but get over it. I mean you obviously don't care about him THAT much or you never would have cheated on him (same for him).