Love Never Dies.

We met on facebook. Iknow cheesy. But oh well. Someone just. Broke up with me. But he was there we texted eacher. And i told to call me one day(: he did that night ^_^ he invited me to the movies on 3.25.11 he asked me to be his gf(: it was beautiful being with him. My family loved him, his family liked me. But then.. This girl came in and we fought bc of my jealousy. And well he left me for her.. For 2 months.. They were the hardest for me.. I was deppressed that i even had panick attacks.. But this month he came back to me. He said he left her for us. That he see the future now. That he sees us. That he wasnt happy with her. That she wasnt the one. But it hurts my self eestem bc shes really pretty she was miss latina.. He said he didnt want her to wait for him. But me. And idk im scaried.. He came back to me a week before he left. He left yesterday. He called last night :') i cried happy tears. For the first time. We've been together 1 year and three months. Iknow that when he comes back theres going to be a choice to be made. Either he leaves me or we stay together :) and that scares me. Bc waht if it happens again. I never once gave up on us. But my friend keeps telling me " remember im always right" which means that he's going to do it again.. And that scaries me.. I hate that she says that. :'( can someone tell me waht u guys may think please?
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2 Responses Jun 27, 2012

you cant loose him, it doesnt mean that you blindly trust him. love is not about gaining the loved ones. its about caring them,and staying with them in their needs even if they dont love us...

he is not the right one... if he can leave you once then why cant he leave you again... think once. dont trust blindly. boys are always boys. they cheat us well. take care...