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Tell me ladies I'm a man that is concidered a runner.several timesin the past couple yrs esp the last yr..I would take my lady away on a romantic wk end..we would come home and I would get scared because I knew the next step was moving in with her..I know it wore on her..the last time there were osome issues that scared me..but I ran againbut this time for almost two months..I didn't run to anyone(another woman)or anything..I did it cause I would get scared..I alway came for her.and never wanted any1 else.she knew this..with me doing this do you think that's enough to end a 6 yr relationship when both ment the world to each other..I want to be with her forever but it might be to
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i still can't message you. but i made a new confession about the psychics i believe in. i may have forgotten 1-2 psychics though

your privacy restrictions prevent me from replying to your message. if you want a reply please release the restrictions on your account and tell me that you have

On a serious note, theres nothing wrong with your choices. You probaby just isn't ready for that type of commitment. It's your perogative to bed a chic with no strings attached. Why the guilt? Stop moping and wine & dine another chic!!!!!

its not was a long term thing of 6 yrs..its not that I don't love her either..I wasn't with another..there was things I needed to know before I commited the way she wanted..and I found out..she was with another in a months I'm good..but I'm done..we will never have a future together

You need a shrink on this one!! He he

I'm self medicating and ahead of the game now