I'm Certainly In Love With...

I'm certainly in love with him, and when you find that person who loves you as much as you love them you should keep it that way.  Its just hard sometimes thru the crap we've been thru.  But if we both make an effort we can't go wrong.
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I agree that you need to fight for it!<br />
<br />
Nae, i take by your name your in a military relationship, I am too and they can be some of the hardest ones to be in sometimes, but the most rewarding. I'm not married to my love, but I will be someday hopefully. I think we've found each other and lost each other enough times for one life, LOL!

Yep, if you have love fight for it! I've gone through rough patches too & have made it through. As long as you are both willing to do the work necessary, you'll make it.

that is so true hunny we all have problems in our relationship and as long as there is love ther is a chance you can make it work. <br />
if its worth fighting for never stop (((((((hugs))))))) joss.

too bad love can't ALWAYS be about the good. i'm going through a rough patch right now too.<br />
i hope it gets better! hang in there.

may you always journey alongside one another, holding hands, sometimes separating but never truly apart.

Love is a beautiful thing..and when we are young, the feelings are so intense...sometimes overwhelming...I believe the best love is the kind is the kind that has weathered storms and is stronger than ever...I am blessed to have that now....I hope you get to that point, as well...keep loving each other, being kind to one another, doing things together, having lots of really great sex, keeping your relationship a priority...laugh a lot...cry when you need to...try to stay honest...keep the other person's best interests in mind at all times...be selfless with each other...accept each other's weaknesses...revel in your strengths...rub each other's feet, make each other breakfast in bed...give love notes for no reason...don't miss an opportunity to do something little for him - like get him coffee, make his favorite dinner, bring the whipped cream to bed...I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and adoration for each other....SS