I Think He Wants Me

The first time we met, I was just like damn, he is gorgeous, sexy with tattoos & oh my a tongue ring? Too good to be true lol but he was also sweet & funny. We meet the day our bestfriend got out of jail (weirdly we hadn't met even tho had the same friend for awhile). We all went out to lunch at the restaurant his ex of almost 2 years worked at. They had broken up like 3 weeks prior to us meeting..I thought it was over. But anyways, me & him started talkin one night & next thing I know he is at my apt the next day ready to hang out . And he completely capture me that day..he hung out with me from bout 10 that morning till 3am that night & he wanted to stay the night but I just couldn't the first night cause I'm a classy girl ill say lol so he went home & was back the next day & that night I couldn't resist him..I knew I was really into him & him into me..but the nagging ex girlfriend dragged him down. Made him feel bad for talkin to me. So after about 4 weeks of this glorious magic we had to break it off.. I was devasted I hadn't met someone like him ever & had never felt like that. But I respected him & didn't beg or plead; I just understood because I figure that's the only way he would ever want to be with me if I wasn't just like some crazy girl. I'm 19 & he's 22 btw lol so for about 3 weeks we were separate..but one day he texted me & we hung out that night & then kinda did the same thing as before..hooked up but kept it all a secret. Something or someone always ****** it up tho, but EVERYTIME I played it cool. It's happened about 4 times & the last time felt like the first again. He treated me like his girl. Then one of his friend had a crush on me & lied to him sayin I was crazy & all this bullshit. I have the texts & things to prove to him, but I don't bother. But I saw him tonight & he just had the look in his eye. He always give me the deepest most confusing looks, but I know he wants me. It drives me crazy, but I stay sane. Should I keep pushin forward? I just have this feeling he still has feelings for me, I just know it. What do you think ?
Cmr5d232 Cmr5d232
Jan 14, 2013