I Would Be Lost

i found the most wonderful man to fulfill my life. we have been together for almost 4 years, and i still fear losing him. i'm a pretty crazy chic and i'm afraid i'm going to push him away with my constant insecurity. also, we are both recovering alcoholics and i'm so afraid that one day he is going to decide to pick up again and i'll have to walk away at that point. also, he is a typical man who enjoys **** on occasion and i take this so pethetically offensively, i'm afraid i'm not good enough for him and one day he's just going to chose someone else. part of me knows that i could if i have to survive without him, but part of me fears i would lose my mind and my security. part of me also knows that i have nothing to fear, our relationship in all reality is absolutely wonderful, we are so much alike and get along great, i mean i couldn't have asked for anything better, so why do i feel like i am always sabatoging it by being so scared of losing it?

scooper scooper
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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Have I told you guys lately that love you :)

Your insecurity isnt what is whats wrong.......it is how you communicate it to your love.

Fear and insecurity can drive your mate nuts. Even if it is somewhat legit. There is a time and place for sharing and expressing those concerns. You have to check and balance such things. <br />
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I hope things work out for you. Luck to ya.

It is true. Insecurity can drive your partner crazy. If they would ever entertain the thought of leaving then holding on tighter won't stop it anyway. You really may be sabotaging things. At least you are aware of it though.<br />
Women always assume that when a man looks at **** that they are somehow lacking and that is the reason for it or that they will be compared. It is most certainly not the case. Now if he is choosing to do that over you then you do have a problem.....<br />
Have you ever discussed your fears with him? Communication is everything after all.