How Do I Know Whether I Should Make It Work?

I met my partner 8 months ago, though if feels like forever. He asked me to marry him. I accepted and was overjoyed.

Since then though things have gone downhill, he as a courtcase over his 7 year old daughter (which his ex is trying to deny him access to her daughter).. The courtcase was there from the beginning, and we had agreed we would have a future ect ect, but then he got cold feet and said he was not sure about commitment after all, as hw is scared moving away from the area of his daughter (in with me which we had initially agreed) in case it affects the case, and that the best he could offer me was 'seeing each other'.

I was on shock and heartbroken over this as he himself had said he wanted a marriage and a family with me.

I then said then we would have to break up, as I deserve a real relationship, and that I was sorry for his situation, and since then he turned around entirely, to say he was sorry, he was just scared and wants an us, and really wants to go for it, to find a job and give us a go.

From this though I guess loads of other stuff has come up, as actually I am not sure about the reality of an us, as I am the only one earning, he is a dreamer, and yet wants all these dreams.

I love him but am not sure longterm we are right for one another, I knwo he loves me too. I guess my question is, is love truly enough? Isn;t circumstance an important factor in making a relationship work too?

jules33 jules33
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1 Response Dec 4, 2009

unfortunatly sometimes i believe love just isn't enough, but that doesn't mean that you can't give it a real go. think about it some more, if you feel like its worth a shot then go for it. but please dont forgrt this little girl who is stuck in the middle. all the best.