My Ex-boyfriend Is A Marine And I Still Love Him

 Hi, recently my boyfriend broke up with me who is going to the marine corps. this august. We have known each other since middle school and we always had a crush on each other but we always went our separated ways until junior year he told me he liked me. We started talking and one thing lead to another and we started dating in april of 2009. We had our ups and downs but we fell love and it was amazing spending time with him. He is the type off person to tell you like it is and when he tells you something its the truth. When he told me he loved me and wanted to stay with me in the marines, my heart sank. We were a very happy and healthy couple until recently. He was getting alot of pressure from his friends and recruits that he shouldnt stay with me and he should be single. They constantly bothered him about it and it eventually got to him. We broke up two weekends ago and now i find out that last wednesday he asked someone out. My heart is in pieces, ive never felt this way before. I was in a previous relationship for 3 years and after being physically and mentally abused by someone i didn't love, this still hurts 10x more.  It hurts i know this isnt him because he's been taking these diet pills as well that i feel changed him as a person. It still doesnt make up for what he did and honestly i dont know what to do. Im still in love with him and i know he still loves me, his family and friends feel the same way i do but it still hurts. I dont know what i should do and it was something i never expected because he was so loyal to me for a year of his life but now its all gone. Everytime we got into a fight he came back to me and i hope he realizes whats going on but i dont know if i should forgive him or not.  

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Awww sweetie I feel so sorry for you, I have been through alot of the same things you spoke of, I was engaged to a marine, when we first met it was the best thing I had ever known, he was sweet and kind and we spent long nights talking and planning our future, but after he was deployed for the first time, he changed, and became someone I didnt even know anymore, I still love him but after two more years and another deployment I had to walk away, thats been almost three years now, as much as I loved him, I couldnt stand the verbal and mental abuse, marines are very difficult men to love, they are broken down in bootcamp and rebuilt into fighting machines who often forget the soft side of t hereself and the women they date around ba<x>ses are not the types of girls they would bring home, there only interested in them for the money on the 1st and the 15th of ther month, and getting pregnant to trap the guy into a loveless marriage so she can be taken care of. remember the good times with him, cry for the bad times and learn to let go, the pain wont last forever, and one day you can think of him and your good memeories and smile....