I Worry About My Children

Am i wrong to worry...thinking thoughts that i shouldn't ?

I'm trying to be prepared for it. I have pressure from MY family " Go for sole custody" but then i think about how his family would feel ...Crap why do i say they ??? his family..arghhhhh

Nothing to do with them......but it has... yes. He is the father, they are the grandparents.,.....<sigh> but he cant look after himself....I try to help him organize holidays to spend with the kids....But Why Do I do it...??? It should be him....yes? Is it because i need to know they will be OK ?...

I still have sleepless nights...and feel like crap....even thou I know they are OK...But Why do they have to go there?...they should be with me !!

I want to get on with our life ( the kiddies & mine)..but his stupid life ...I don't want or need to think about him anymore he just keeps drifting in. ARGHHH

I love my children so much.

The father is an idiot.

I need to win. I will.

will they hate me for what needs to be done ? <sigh> I love them so much....one day i hope they see that..feel that

I am strong... need to be..have to be. So I am.

caroli9 caroli9
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1 Response Mar 4, 2007

Well I don't know how he could be a danger to them or how he can't look after himself but no mater what you do it will affect the kids. You just have to spend time with them and let them know your reasonings. If you don't they might grow up and automatically think the worst. It is normal for you to worry. And this custody battle will be hard on everyone. It puts a lot of stress on people. I hope you come through it alright. If he is no good for your kids I hope that the judge will see that and grant you full custody.