She's the only one I truly love :'( I don't care how young I am. I don't care what I have yet to experience :'( it won't matter :'( I am not attracted to girls anymore :'( they're not her :'( none of them can ever fill the void left in me :'( there's no replacing her :'( there's no point to anything anymore. Don't any of you even dare to try and tell me different :'( it won't work. I'm just not interested. Without her, love has no meaning :'( life has no meaning :'( I have lost my oldest little brother (cat), I have watched a little innocent die (kitten) right in front of me, I've lost my great aunt, my little buddy (favorite cat) all in a year period. My great uncle the following year. And then last year, her. That was my breaking point. All my life, I've been shred in darkness. She's my light, my guardian angel :'( the only thing in the world that's kept my suicide thoughts at bay :'( I'm in therapy but it does nothing :'( I have friends who abandon me :'( bad family life. People who don't believe in me :'( the last thing on earth that I never wanted to lose is her :'( I don't want to love again because she is love :'( my love :'( always :'(
ywilliam31 ywilliam31
18-21, M
Aug 30, 2014