I Didn't Want To Potty Train My Kids

Because mommy wears diapers. How will I get them to quit wearing if mommy gets to wear? How will they understand why she can wear them and they can't? It felt so unfair and hypocritical that us grown ups gets to wear them and kids can't. I also thought it should be their own decision for them to wear.

Now my thoughts have changed. Kids are not stupid so they can understand that some people need to wear diapers and they don't because if a three year old can understand that after it being explained to him, then a three year old is capable of understanding why he needs to be potty trained and why mommy or daddy can wear them. But telling them big kids don't wear diapers wouldn't work because they would know it's bullshit because one of their parents wears.

Also if a kid were to stay in diapers they be facing bullying in school because kids are mean little things. Even children with incontinence get teased in school for their diapers unless they are in a wheelchair or use crutches or a walker. How selfish is that doing that to a child when they have a working bladder and bowels and are capable of being potty trained?

Also a child is too young to make the decision to wear diapers so it's the parents job to guide them and help them make the right decisions. A child is not going to know the consequences to wearing diapers in school and all so that is why they must be potty trained.

Now here I am feel anxious to get my own son out of diapers because I have to wash mine and his and it costs money and he already watches his dad go pee so it's a start. But yet I feel like a hypocrite but I see it this way, I am an adult so I make the decision to wear them (even though I don't have a choice anymore) and grown ups are allowed to drink, watch rated R movies or **** or have sex but not allowed their kids to do it. Kids go to bed early and the grown ups get to stay up late. So how are diapers any different?

If my son grows up to like diapers too, fine. He be old enough to make the decision to wear them.

Plus my husband strongly wants him potty trained when he is ready and keep me in diapers. We won't tell him the real reason why I wear them and we won't say anything about it unless he asks but we won't tell him the real reason why I wear them. We would just say I need them. I don't know if that simple explanation would help because wouldn't he ask why? We have more to think about for when it does happen.
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

Who said your kids couldn't wear diapers? If it doesn't impact their health or cause any kind of abrasive issues then keep them diapered until they do not want to be diapered and when your kids get old enough to change themselves then let them take on that responsibility.

When it is time to answer the question of when diapers are no longer needed be truthful about why "Mommy" wears diapers. Answer their questions so they are able to understand your reasoning on their level. If your children feel and want to continue to wear diapers warn them of the ridicule they surely will have to endure but teach them about personal choices and responsibilities such as changing themselves if it is their choice to be in diapers.

I think you as a mother should let your kids stay in nappies for life and support them if they want to be in nappies for life and help change them