Blinded By Pequeno

I do appreciate the male form and think it is one of the most beautiful of God's creations. However with that said, I don't want to be assaulted visually with unsolicited pictures of your manhood. In most cases I have found the ones that have been shown to me to be merely cute at best, and some quite repulsive to be honest.

I have a man that has a more than adequate sized penis without it appearing to be part of a horse's anatomy. I am not interested in seeing others as I am happy with his already. Please please please do not send me pictures of your manhood; it is a waste of your tokens and to be quite frank about it I will just sit there and laugh about it with my man anyway. Thanks!
fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 15 Responses Jul 18, 2012

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Well said :-)

i think its dumb haha y would u do tht its so random its 1 thing if its ur husband or ur bf but if its a complete stranger ur just embarresing urself.

LMAO. Guys who send pics of their units on the internet, well. Poor bastards. I just joined EP, been on 5 minutes. I think I'm going to go out and see some real people. This stuff is crazy!

I have proof that women do not want to see another man ****.

The immortal words of Kryton when he becomes human and describes male naughty bits: "It's hideous! That's it? That's the best design they can come up with? Are you seriously telling me there were choices and someone said, "Ah, there. That's it. That's the one we're looking for - the last chicken in the shop look'. "

LMAO! That's too funny.

lol...Amen, and well said :)

FYI: Sorry for the odd formatting and not always being able to use the "reply" button. I am back on the phone and the EP Mobile aps are lacking lol.

Katarina, Willy he let me see? I HOPE NOT lol.

Stony, One would think that a classy person would wait, or at minimum ask whether a lady wanted to see his penis but NO, not in this space. We don't even have to be friends and they send me those things. i am changing my privacy back lol

Laughs, LOL yes, they introduce themselves as Cocky Richard upfront lol.

they know how it will make you fall for them and instantly you will give then free ****. and revealed unto fungirl was the MIGHTY HORN OF POWER. look into my one eye fungirl and BECOME MY FREE PHONE SEX SERVICE!! dont work for you..... no? and i dont blame you for your settings. I've added you so i can maybe be friends and send you dirty pics (of my washing up)

LMBO. LOL I cannot wait hehe.

YES! What is it with men and their willy's? If your totally in lust/love with someone its a different matter. But other than that, I could not care less (or in fact for their unsolicited fantasies which may or may not be about me). ITS JUST A WILLY. I DONT CARE!

I would think that basic decency dictates that the man at least wait until the lady asks to see it.

i actually bet you know what i want to say to you now, but thats bad and i'm trying to be good!


Nothing quite as captivating as introducing yourself with "Hi!! ... I'm a ****!!"

:-) hehehe!

Truth in advertising?

Lol I can't wait to get to a computer to see that Goliath.

trust me...there are no pictures...lmao

Here is a little of the reverse for you....lmao....some people.....

What if I simply describe it in detail?

Pixe and the choir all joined in singing hallelujah lol.

Pennon descriptions are great as long as they are descriptive in a poetic nature and if it is agreed I can use it in future stories ;)

AMEN sister!!!!!!!! :-)

Lol, women have had enough of the chatroulette games eh? :)

I have gotten a few of those too and I gotta say... it is a waste of tokens unless someone asks for them. Yesterday I got a picture of a girls boobs too tho!! They looked nice but.....where did she ever get the idea I wanted to see them! I'm fine with nudity but I got a set of my own boobs to look at if I get the yen!! I don't need to see another girls! I laughed it off tho... :D

That must be distasteful.