Blinded By Pequeno

I do appreciate the male form and think it is one of the most beautiful of God's creations. However with that said, I don't want to be assaulted visually with unsolicited pictures of your manhood. In most cases I have found the ones that have been shown to me to be merely cute at best, and some quite repulsive to be honest.

I have a man that has a more than adequate sized penis without it appearing to be part of a horse's anatomy. I am not interested in seeing others as I am happy with his already. Please please please do not send me pictures of your manhood; it is a waste of your tokens and to be quite frank about it I will just sit there and laugh about it with my man anyway. Thanks!
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Well said :-)

i think its dumb haha y would u do tht its so random its 1 thing if its ur husband or ur bf but if its a complete stranger ur just embarresing urself.

LMAO. Guys who send pics of their units on the internet, well. Poor bastards. I just joined EP, been on 5 minutes. I think I'm going to go out and see some real people. This stuff is crazy!

I have proof that women do not want to see another man ****.

The immortal words of Kryton when he becomes human and describes male naughty bits: "It's hideous! That's it? That's the best design they can come up with? Are you seriously telling me there were choices and someone said, "Ah, there. That's it. That's the one we're looking for - the last chicken in the shop look'. "

LMAO! That's too funny.

lol...Amen, and well said :)

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Katarina, Willy he let me see? I HOPE NOT lol. <br />
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Stony, One would think that a classy person would wait, or at minimum ask whether a lady wanted to see his penis but NO, not in this space. We don't even have to be friends and they send me those things. i am changing my privacy back lol<br />
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Laughs, LOL yes, they introduce themselves as Cocky Richard upfront lol.

they know how it will make you fall for them and instantly you will give then free ****. and revealed unto fungirl was the MIGHTY HORN OF POWER. look into my one eye fungirl and BECOME MY FREE PHONE SEX SERVICE!! dont work for you..... no? and i dont blame you for your settings. I've added you so i can maybe be friends and send you dirty pics (of my washing up)

LMBO. LOL I cannot wait hehe.

YES! What is it with men and their willy's? If your totally in lust/love with someone its a different matter. But other than that, I could not care less (or in fact for their unsolicited fantasies which may or may not be about me). ITS JUST A WILLY. I DONT CARE!

I would think that basic decency dictates that the man at least wait until the lady asks to see it.

i actually bet you know what i want to say to you now, but thats bad and i'm trying to be good!


Nothing quite as captivating as introducing yourself with "Hi!! ... I'm a ****!!"

:-) hehehe!

Truth in advertising?

Lol I can't wait to get to a computer to see that Goliath.

What if I simply describe it in detail?

Pixe and the choir all joined in singing hallelujah lol.

Pennon descriptions are great as long as they are descriptive in a poetic nature and if it is agreed I can use it in future stories ;)

AMEN sister!!!!!!!! :-)

Lol, women have had enough of the chatroulette games eh? :)

I have gotten a few of those too and I gotta say... it is a waste of tokens unless someone asks for them. Yesterday I got a picture of a girls boobs too tho!! They looked nice but.....where did she ever get the idea I wanted to see them! I'm fine with nudity but I got a set of my own boobs to look at if I get the yen!! I don't need to see another girls! I laughed it off tho... :D

That must be distasteful.