I Don't Want My Ep & Facebook Intertwined...

EP is my place to write, comment, gesture and interact with my friends here. I don't want my stories or anything of mine on Facebook. While I do have Facebook I dont use it alot and a lot of my friends there are from work. I do not want that intertwining with EP in any way, shape or form.

I am asking all who read my stories do not share them on Facebook!

Thanks , Snowy ~
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EP is the anti FB it is the onoy place I CAN be honest because it is anonymous<br />
<br />
you are losing your mom while I am losing my dad :(

I am thinking about writing how EP is the your mom, and this year I am losing my dad :( antidote to the false cheeriness of FB you are losing

my FB acc just for a playing Games on FB...

ladee57- thanks so much :)

I am not on facebook but really feel for everyone who is. I understand facebook is good to keep in touch with people and am sure I would be on there if I had children.<br />
This place seems to be changing and growing into something quite different from how it started which is a crying shame :(

I share the concern about Facebook and don't understand how a URL I put on EP ended up on my Facebook account. My guess is that someone else in my Facebook contacts liked it on Facebook and so it then linked to my account, which was disturbing.

LBF- No good at all my friend :)

cant stand FakeBook dont have an account never will click that awful lil F (stands for something else as far as im concerned and im not going to deface your article by saying it lol) So no worries here buddy :O) PS If you dont believe me look at my one EP confession where i confess to wanting to smash it out of my monitor lmao :O)

Patton- I have an account there I just feel I dont want the two intertwined..ever!

forlorn3- I have learned so much more after writing this point that verifies all of the points you made in your comments. It's hard to believe this is a place you come to to write or comment and the security isn't any better than it is but it isn't just EP and I get that. Thanks so much for your comments,..it just makes you wonder in the end if anything is worth sharing afterall :)

livingwell- Very well said :)

I will delete everything ... I will not be part of something I really have an innate dislike of. I do not care for those type of sites. I think people need to come from the inside out...not the outside in. That outside stuff is just show and usually not the real deal. No Thank you EP!<br />
<br />
Blessings, livingwell

joyfullgrrl- I have a separate blog as well but don't write there often, I much prefer writing here on EP, BTW I looked onto FB Sunday night and instantly my EP signed on which is still a mystery to me. None of my accounts are liked at all...however I did make some changes in settings and hopefully it wont happen again,

Thank you Elf.. neither will I ~~ :)

I , Elfinsong solemly take the NO PRESS PLEDGE.<br />
I will not press the share button of any other member of EP

Thanks so much WOO! Yours are just as safe with me my friend :)

Your stories are safe with me SB, I won't be clicking that share button.

livingwell- I agree :)/ thanks for your comments !

I do not want my stories as dinner conversation in a forum I did not choose. I don't do those I WANT TO BE SEEN NETWORKS.<br />
I want to connect with people on a deeper level than FACE level, okay.<br />
Blessings,<br />

zalt- no you dont and I will be deleting and locking more things down over the weekend..:(

Exactly Bassy!! <br />
<br />
The damage is done to this point but why can't he powers that be on EP make it impossible to copy & paste? I don't think they are listening to the members and their points of view. They couldnt possibly do this in good conscience with all this uproar...well unless there is $$$ involved...

You CAN set up a site so that users are unable to cut and paste links. I have been on several. That is what should be done to limit the damage of this mess. It was a choice here to allow people to copy and paste. Even if you take away the links now it is in everyone's mind that all you have to do is copy a link here and go to facebook to post it.

justwonderingif- that's a great idea and a much better option that what we currently have, which to my knowledge is nothing! <br />
Thanks so much for stopping by :)

I just sent off a complaint to EP and suggested they do a compromise and make it so that only the story's author is able to send it to face book. I doubt I'll hear back from them, but maybe if everyone complained and offered up the same compromise, they might listen.

Bassy- thanks for the explanation and I know policing it would never be accomplished. I wish that someone at EP would have asked it's members if this is something that they wanted to do, however I am sure this is motivated by money. It's just sad but the writing is on the wall and there seems to be nothing that can be done short of leaving.... <br />
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MyLucidDream/catchcabby-I have been told to make sure you have a different email address for EP and FB. If you post a story here and another member hits the 'like' button it will post to their account on FB. Then it is fair game for anyone to see. Someone may be able to see pics you have posted here, read stories etc, so there is no anonymity. PM if you want some more details. :)

QUESTION: If you create a new email address not linked to anything else on the www, especially for EP, set everything to private and discreet, does this offer any protection from those who don't know the REAL you or your name?? Obviously if someone exposes you on FB you're done for, but nobody here knows my real name. X@

Here's how:<br />
<br />
Think of it this way SB. Nobody gives it a second thought anymore to snap cell phone pictures of people and throw it up on their FB account. A newspaper or tv station would need to get a release from each person to use that image. Somehow FB skirts around that basic human right. I think eventually they will be taken to court in some sort of class action suit for this very reason. Right now, how would they police it? There are billions of images and links on that site. I know for a fact there are pictures of myself on other people's facebook pages and I have never approved a single one. Now in most instances it's innocent......but what if it's not? I once received a very cryptic and somewhat threatening message from someone on EP that said they recognized me from pictures that another member had decided to post of me without my knowledge or permission. This is how it all starts. I don't know how you would begin to try to police and stop it snowy. It's an impossible task I'm afraid.

Snowy, I have a facebook account but I never use it and I definitely don't want it associated with this account. How is your EP account being tied back to you facebook account? I promise that I will not share anyone's stuff on fb. Is there something that I need to change on one or both of my accounts to prevent them from being linked and/or intertwined? They're not the same name, how is the connection between the two accounts being made?

Bassy- How is that 'LEGAL' without your permission ???

Its not even just that everyone. If someone that happens to know who you are in real life decides to post an EP story link on their Facebook account you are immediately "public" whether you wished to be or not.

Fantasia- in the TOS info when u sign up all the stories become property of EP. <br />
<br />
Free- Exactly! I feel the same

I do not wish to have my profiles intertwined either. If I wanted them linked, I would do it myself :)

The published content should be protected under copyright law, unless rights to such protection are waived as stipulation of being a contributing member of EP.

4everUnique- yeah its a rather sad situation. My profile is marked discreet however I can do a search and all kinds of Snowbunny1002 stuff comes up, So much for anonymity !

I don't facebook, yet I agree. I wouldn't want my stories passed around like hors d'oeuvres at a party. I realize I don't have any control since I placed them on the internet; yet, as long as they don't link them to my real name I suppose that's the best I can hope for.

Thanks LL!! :)