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I Don't Want My Ep & Facebook Intertwined...

EP is my place to write, comment, gesture and interact with my friends here. I don't want my stories or anything of mine on Facebook. While I do have Facebook I dont use it alot and a lot of my friends there are from work. I do not want that intertwining with EP in any way, shape or form.

I am asking all who read my stories do not share them on Facebook!

Thanks , Snowy ~
snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002 46-50, F 38 Responses Nov 5, 2010

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LBF- No good at all my friend :)

I share the concern about Facebook and don't understand how a URL I put on EP ended up on my Facebook account. My guess is that someone else in my Facebook contacts liked it on Facebook and so it then linked to my account, which was disturbing.

I am not on facebook but really feel for everyone who is. I understand facebook is good to keep in touch with people and am sure I would be on there if I had children.<br />
This place seems to be changing and growing into something quite different from how it started which is a crying shame :(

ladee57- thanks so much :)

my FB acc just for a playing Games on FB...

I am thinking about writing how EP is the your mom, and this year I am losing my dad :( antidote to the false cheeriness of FB you are losing

EP is the anti FB it is the onoy place I CAN be honest because it is anonymous<br />
<br />
you are losing your mom while I am losing my dad :(

I am no more on fb coz it all seems fake now, one cant even express real feelings like sadness or hurt.. And even if u do share it, people arent empathatic there.. All too cheery.. They judge everything n i was so fed up of all that! Ep is the best, i can share my stories, gesture n interact, make friends..<br />
Really nice post, snowbunny! :)