Why I Don't

Well for starters, most of my "friends" on facebook, are actually friends and family in real life, lol.

secondly, theres something freeing about telling complete strangers stuff i could never tell anyone else. its freeing, its therapeutic, and the most they can do is "cyber stab me" or something y'know.

umm, friends and family can do a whole lot more with heavy real life consequences lol.
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True, kinda make you want to disown them doesn't it. The prejudgemental creeps!

yeah, but they're family. and plus i made the horrible mistake of friending my hubby on fb lol

Yea I so get that. My wife didn't friend me either and now she is gone. Soon as she found a couple of high school flames she caught fire and she became the hottest desperate housewife you ever saw. You would have thought she was still in Jr High.

omg - okay, I use it to keep in touch with friends and family I haven't seen in years, and probably won't be able to afford a trip to see them, in years if EVER. adn theres some cool cooking and dancing forums on there too.

but I also never had high school flames to begin with. so sorry.

I'm not sorry at all....She is gone and that is the good news! ;-)

oh okay. then congratulations!

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Quite so,, your here to share,,not apologise,, the guise of annonimity is perfect for you.<br />
Facebook is a little too open a forum for me,,I wouldn't put anything on my page that I didn't want the whole world to know,, and there isn't much on my page,,lol

i know how you feel, especially since i have friended my hubby, my gma, my aunt, etc

with you all the way on this. i actually find fb annoying and i spend more time here. also, as you said, i can do things hear i would never do on fb ;)

thats how I feel

I hear ya!

I am open to talk about anything and yes its easier on web for me too,

Well put! The whole attraction of EP is it's anonymity. I bear my soul here. I'm not as guarded.