It's A Sad Fact . . .Nobody Pays Attention

I tried to start a blog on FB, I am a writer by nature, especially if I am going thru something difficult or I am sad. I used to keep a journal when I was a kid, and have tried as an adult. I am also a talker, I wear my heart on my sleeve and it helps to let it out and be heard. I don't do well with receiving no feedback or when  people don't even try to be understanding and see my perspective. I'm not the kind of person who dismisses other people's opinions or experiences. I don't proceed from a place of only wanting to hear what sounds good. If I trust you enough to confide in you, I am willing to listen and consider any advice or opinion that you offer. I firmly believe that if someone asks for advice or an opinion then they should be open-minded enough to receive whatever the response is. FB is definitely not the place to seek advice, or find very much sympathy or support, unless maybe you mention that someone has passed away. That's the only time people seem to notice or care. It has become a forum for showing off, showcasing your kids, and politics. In my eyes, FB has gradually become a shallow and self-indulgent forum where even people who you consider friends basically ignore you. Where has the personal connection disappeared to I wonder ? It just seems like so many people are caught up in a it's all about me-me-me attitude, its really kinda sad to me. Listen I'm not looking for sympathy or attention. It would just be nice to have people in my life who are genuinely interested in knowing how my life is going, and actually caring enough to show it by taking the  time to ask and listen. Life is hard enough. Having some sort of a network of sincere support just makes it easier to get through the trials and challenges we endure. Wanting a personal connection to others is human nature for most people I think. Unfortunately it seems to be a rare commodity these days. All of this is simply my opinion, and an expression of how I feel. No offense or harm intended. It helps me immensely to be able to share my thoughts and reflect on them. Happy New Year to all !
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You will find plenty of support here & the folks I have come in contact with are sincere & share my struggles . . A much different vibe here. Welcome & may you feel connected & find a safe haven here . .

Wise words indeed. FB has become so boring to me. ANd the bad part is I have two pages there. One for friends and one for business connections. But many of the business connections get so jealous when they see me do something. All I can do is smh...

I totally agree with you, honesty and sincerity is so rare nowadays.

I too have had trials through my life when it comes to "active listening". I have really examined my approach, and it's still a work in progress. However, for me it has become an active process combined with a conscious effort, and has its share of rewards. I truly feel more connected, engaged, and invested. It's refreshing to be a part of a two way conversation that produces deeper understanding and insight. Typically this results in positive resolution of issues and the ability to respect other perspectives. I'm a big fan of "effective communication" !

I know what you mean. REALLY!

I feel you!

I understand completely. With facebook it's all about how many likes and subscribers you have and how can I get more friends that aren't actually friends. If I were you I'd just stay on EP because on here we are actually compassionate and because the facebook features aren't on here, naturally people don't focus on that and care what you have to say. Please blog on here, so that you can be given a voice and other people like myself can come to see your view.

True indeed,watever u have said about FB. I feel the same as u do. There are few to share genuine things, few true people around and even a true friend. All fake. would like to be in touch with you.

From your story and the responses I can see WE are here at EP because we are like minded. We want to communicate intelligently with others. We welcome debates not arguments. FB's click likes and shares discourage individual thoughts and opinions. How many times can you look at the same shared post before you turn of the computer. Come write your stories, I for one welcome you and hunger to hear what you have to say.

I am with you. I feel the same way, and am a talker, but also a good listener. Facebook, etc... is destroying the abilities of many to communicate. The really disturbing thing about it is that so many people were not good communicators before fb and technology came along. I am so worried for children who spend their lives texting, etc...

Sorry you feel that way, feel free to share your stories here and I will comment.

I completely agree with you. Facebook is a very selfish form of networking in which everyone is very much out for themselves and to get their own posts liked and commented on, they rarely take the time to return the favour.
The talk at any rate is mostly mundane and people sniping about silly thing, there is very little in the way of meaningful discussion.