UGH Ewww!!!

I cannot stand it when some fool would have the nerve to come onto a bus and sit right in the middle with horrible B O. Smelling like *** mixed with sweaty undeodorized arm pits and urine. To me it's a violation to my nose. Nobody should have to put up with that. It's just plain wrong. I cant even stand it when I smell bad. I love taking showers, I make sure to take them as often as possible.  But occasionally, there would be a few individuals who smell like a damn dumpster!! It's just sickening. I really wish more people would take proper hygiene into consideration.

angelofthenight angelofthenight
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Alot of these people have mental illness problems. Lack of hygeine is a symptoms of psychosis.... it's really sad <BR><BR>:(<BR><BR>>> an INSULT TO MY NOSE.. that's just TOO FUNNY