So It Goes Like This...

So if you just missed a shower or two and go to work like everything koo... ima need you to not do that... wash up in the bathroom... if you've been workin out... and your sweat is nasty funky stinky... then you need to do us all a fav. and wash at the gym... but for others who have... um whats the word i want... culture differences... keep doin you... I have no issues with y'all

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I believe I said "but for others who have... um whats the word i want... culture differences... keep doin you... I have no issues with y'all " so I understand what other culture believe in and stuff ya know... but me.. I like to smell good...

I like a little B.O. on some people. I find it very appealing. It all depends on the individual. Musty odors are like that old saying...."one man's trash is another man's treasure."<br />
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This was chosed as the best answer on yahoo when someone presented the question of Body Odor.<br />
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We here in the United States like to place our values and judgments on everyone else. We live in a very Eurocentric society. The other peoples of the world, Africans, Indians, Mexican, or Indigenous peoples, don't try to mask the scent that God gave them. If you were in 115degree heat, had to find food for your family in a village, and had to walk 30miles to a water source, the last thing that you would think is " Darn, did I forgot to put deodorant on?" Even if living in the in the U.S, it takes a long time to assimilate from the customs of your ancestors to the fast paced, fast food filled, time controlled ways of the United States. Just until a very small time in our worlds history, have people worn deodorant. European kings and queens believed that bathing was for the poor. As a result, they used alot of perfume and didn't bathe for months. Months! So, the moral of this litte story is htis: when you encounter people who may not dress like you, or smell like you, please treat them with the same dignity and respect that you would want someone to extend to you. Do it often and you will notice their hearts and the smell won't be important at all. :)<br />
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I wouldn't judge so harshly as just last week I visited the library with my children and they happened to befriend an Indian girl who was seven years old. She was just as musty as her parents. My children never questioned the smell, although my nose was trained to focus in on these types of things and wondered to myself "why?" I at least after reading this a better understanding of their culture.

Not at my job... But I know ppl out there do that... I know I've walked past ppl "Lookin nice" and tryin to cover up the smel... Thats why when I walk past ppl I hold my breath... I dont even know I'm doin it I just do it... its an unconscious thing...