Another Year Alone

I already start to panic about Valentines Day.. And it's december now..

I just don't want to spend another one alone. I totaly hate sitting at home alone, exactly knowing about all the people that have a date and have fun this evening. Maybe some people have their first kiss or their first time or just have a good time and I? I'm sitting at home and stare at the wall as usual.
and the worst thing about valentine's day: all these couples in school that kiss and you have to find a way out of school and everywhere next to you there's somebody kissing and they're like blockading the whole corridor..
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5 Responses Dec 17, 2006

I'm alone too, my husband of 18 years cleaned out all our finances and moved in with a mistress. She's married too. I can't even afford a divorce.

I will be spending this Valentines day alone after loosing a girl that I was so in love with. I will be alone. My sadness pervades every aspect of my life. I can only imagine how bad it will be on Valentines day. :'(

And the worst about it is that in fact it was only made out of capitalism. It never really meant anything. The only thing it causes is money for the chocolate and flower industry and bad thoughts for all that are alone.

you can be my valentine...?

yeah, me to. it sucks. people don't know how lucky they are cause am sure to some people this is even imaginable.