Why Cant He Just Leave Me Alone?!

ok so i gave this guy thats in my class my phone number and now he wont stop texting me! i ignore every single text he sent me but he still wont stop! i have no idea why i gave him my number...i guess i was being nice or something...anyway i seriously dont know what to do, i dont want to be mean to him but im also starting to think that he's a stalker or he's just obsessed with me...please help me find a way to get rid of him without hurting him

TheCrazyGirl TheCrazyGirl
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Ask him to stop texting you! If that doesn't work...I know I can block numbers so they can't call or text you! Check with your provider

You're going to have to tell him that you're not interested in him in that way. A lot of guys enjoy the challenge of a woman who's resistant to them so ignoring him, while it would work SOME day no doubt, is just not going to be enough.<br />
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Besides it's only fair. You gave him your number which encouraged him. It's not like he truly stalked you and got that info without your permission.