Why Worry?

I've always worried about people knowing about my diapers. I don't want to anymore.

Estimates say that 25 million people in North America have some sort of incontinence. Out of about 529 million people in North America, 1 out of 21 people would benefit from wearing a diaper at times. Now of course, not all of those people wear diapers, and a significant portion of the population are under 3 and in diapers anyway. There's also people who don't suffer incontinence, but wear diapers simply because they'd rather.

Still, when you think about it, if you are in a room with 20 other people, chances are that one of them may be wearing a diaper. That's a good number of people. So why be ashamed? You're probably not the only one.
andrew612 andrew612
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I don't worry, I never really think about it now apart from when I come on sites like this to talk to others in nappies.