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Shame On You

I have had this happen several times lately including twice today. Stupid pervs... I just block you and send your screename to all my sexy friends so they won't add you. Have a nice day when no females here will no longer friend you.  Yes, we do talk to one another and we share documentation of your pervishness.
fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 38 Responses May 23, 2011

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I do the same things i block the pervs i get some na sty pervs emailing me

Well normally I don't get approached by women like that.

:) I would rather you enjoy my stories and let my boyfriend enjoy my body lol.

Thanks Alyce. **hugs**

Well put... you always make me smile <3


tell him girl

How do i post somthing from my phone? where do i go?

LOL Penny. That is so true. <br />
<br />
TLOP, Erotic writing is a challenge for me and it is also a release for me.. if you read my "about me" section it is stated there. It is also stated that I am not looking for anyone else and that my man is my one and only vice and that I talk about him frequently. We all have a right to express ourselves in the manner that we wish as long as we follow the guidelines in the TOS. I follow the TOS here and I have never been sanctioned for posting inappropriate pictures, attacking other members, or any other item for that matter. There is a place for adults on this site and I am not talking about child molesters as the "pervs" in my story. The persons you are referring to are more than simple pervs they are criminals and those persons are beyond anything that a "perv meter" would be needed for; those persons need to be reported. I have never posted anything that was of an adult nature without first posting my disclaimer in front of it... additionally I always mark those posts as mature (required by the TOS but I would do it anyway), and I have never added a person that is under the age of 18 yrs old according to their profile, and if I see their profile age has changed (after I added them) to under 18 I remove them from my circle and send them a note explaining that i am an adult and do not wish to "friend" those under the age of 18, actually I prefer 21 and up for friends here. I am very upfront with the persons that add me that I write erotica as a form of ex<x>pression of myself, but I also make sure that persons know I am not looking for anything other than friendship. Recently I have been copying the stories that I have here into other forums and categorizing these as erotic, inspirational, satire, humor, fluff, and relationship...surprisingly less than 4% of my overall postings are erotic in nature. So although I do write erotica it is not the whole of me. There is a lot more to me than just a jump into bed. Thank you for your comment because I do agree that we need to protect our children and animals from the abuses of the world. Read closely and you will see that I happen to be a survivor of such a predator.

At least some of them are straight up honest about it. lol<br />
<br />
I had one guy post on my whiteboard "Add me so I can see your pics." Despite the fact that at the time I only had one album and that was public anyway.<br />
<br />
I ignored him only to have him come back a few weeks later. That's when I pointed out to him about the only pics I have being public. Bam! I'm unfanned. xD<br />
<br />
But do they really think that we are going to add them just so they can stare at us? Go find one of those husbands that want to share.

I get that same stupid message on my whiteboard over and over again from the same guy that says "please add me so I can comment on your pics". I also didn't have any private pics, and I honestly could care less what anyone has to say about them.

As if. You text me your dirty pics whether I want them or not! haha


I've noticed that you do, lol but it's been fun, it's been a long time I haven't had such a fun conversation here on EP :-)

You have honestly always been sweet to me seriously but i like to give you a hard time.

Us guys can be a bit crazy sometimes. Though I can be a little more pervish sometimes I'm a tad different, if a hot chick isn't interested in me I'll leave her alone, I've never been the stalker type cause I know there more girls in the world and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable so I leave her alone.


WooHoo!!! You added me anyway!!!! :-D<br />
Oh, but all these months have I even seen your picture albums?<br />
*runs off to go look* lmao


You could call the group: fungirlmmm's Perv-O-Meter<br />
But please don't put me in it, I'll promise I'll be good T_T


Not too bad lol.

A 3 out of what? Is a 3 bad? This feels worse than a school grade :-/

You are so right TEP. I have this one guy that is so into my breasts and every day i get an email from him on a new EP account. I know it is him because he has spelling issues and always says the same things to me. i just block and go on. ugh some people. Thanks for your comment.

Yes, you are a 3. lol

lol Do you have a perve-o-meter?

LOL Yes we talk. We have a perv list we share lol

You girls do that? Have you ever talked about me? Oh man I guess I'm done for here on EP :-(


yeah that is what I figured, so I am still 1005 right about what you look like.

:) I don't have any hair on my body whatsoever. . . Just my eyebrows, lashes, and head,