Forget About It.....

Like my fellow EP ladies, who are members of this group, I find it EXTREMELY annoying,
to be bombarded with fan requests from men on this site, who want to view my pictures...its gotten to the point,
that I've written a very thorough and concise statement about it in the "About Me" section of my profile..and as a result
have decided not to add any more males to my circle. I simply hit 'delete'. and that's that.....!
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OMG, I go to the store and the post office and look at all the crap that happens in just a few hours. I'm digging in my bag now for my hairbrush.Garcia - You do deserve to be *****-slapped. If you didn't like her article, then you could have just ignored it and moved on OR sent her a private message. Your tirade and attack had no business being played out on her article. Your comments were rude, hence the comment of you deserving a *****-slap was very appropriate. The fact that you went on and on tells me that you NEED MORE than a *****-slapping.Like my sister IWB said, you need to move on and stop insulting people.What a freaking three-ring circus. You're drama is worse than anything a woman could get involved in. Go away before I slap the refried beans and rice out of your mouth.

GarciaMarquez: I think it is time for you to stumble out as gracefully as you can. Attacking my friends and family is not something that I will tolerate. BG71 has a right to write an article in any group that she joins. If you don't like it, don't bother to comment on it. Just find another group. You seem to have a problem moving on. It is time for you to move on and stop insulting people.

I think any person, male or female, has the right to choose you their friends might be. For example, if a person, male or female is interested in water sports or scat or any other fetish which I would never be part of, I have the right not to accept their friendship offer.<br />
<br />
I have very few friends offers as it is but when i do, I definitely screen their profile before adding.

@GarciaMarquez, yes I did delete the comment, I found the remark about being a semi-precious stone to be an insult, it certainly didn't feel like a compliment to me at all....and I was hurt by the post. <br />
The point I'm trying to convey is that I don't want to add males to my circle who are interested only in sex, cyber sex...camming, and other things that I've deemed inappropriate relating to me....If a gentleman had an interesting profile and we shared some common ground I would most certainly add him....

Ladygodiva, when did saying someone is intelligent and has something to say, or describing them as a semi-precious stone in a gravel pit, earn a ***** slapping? BG, there were no veiled barbs and I haven't called you out: - I understand where you are coming from, I love the way you write and I am genuinely interested in what makes you tick. I just don't like having the door closed in my face.

Thanks Ladygodiva for the support girl.....:) As you can see I deleted his comment, I stand by what I wrote, my purpose on EP is to be a friend to all, and to have intelligent and interesting conversation.....and NOT to be ob<x>jectified by men whose sole interest it is to get their rocks off, because I have some adult content on my profile........and don't need to be insulted nor do I appreciate the veiled barbs at my expense, because I don't want to associate with people like that......What I don't understand is, is why GarciaMarquez, seems to be taking offense to that......out of all the stories on this topic to comment on, why does he feel the need to call me out...?

What the f???<br />
<br />
Thank God you are not posting that dribble on my wall. I'd *****-slap you.<br />
<br />
Go join some group that appreciates your bullshit.

Well said BG71.<br />
Unfortunately, there are freaks out there who will pose as women just to befriend you and look at your pictures. Just like the children that set up an EP account posing as an adult to obtain access to adult content stories. It is a never-ending cycle. Men just don't get it. Just because I am a human being and a sexual one, doesn't mean that I want to talk to someone else about sex. I don't use EP as my exclusive voice regarding my views on sexual issues. I share on EP my thoughts about a wide range of topics. Everything from pizza, sushi to my mother dying of cancer. But I get the most comments on my sexual views. It is sad that people can evolve a little higher and consider that I am a whole person.

Glad you found it entertaining.....didn't realize I was here for your amusement.....I beg to differ, I think the "About Me" section of my profile is extremely detailed as to why I would, and wouldn't add someone to my circle, and as of late I've been grossly offended by the males who want to be added....whose interests have absolutely NOTHING in common with mine.....I do have some adult themes on my profile, but that shouldn't make me an immediate target for the men who are looking for some cheap thrills.... I have many other experiences that comprise the person that I am, and I have the autonomy to choose whom I wish to befriend, as for blanket generalizations, perhaps you're right, but its MY choice to not add males to my circle any longer, the ones I do have as friends have been very kind and respectful. Its never been my world, I'm one person sharing the space with many others, but when it comes to my circle of friends....yes they're my rules.....<br />
Thanks for your input.....

Not all that concise, undeniably thorough and very entertaining. As soon as you step into adult themes on a website like this you can expect a rabble of mad, sad and bad males to follow you like stray dogs chasing an offal truck. But the imposition of a blanket ban on adding men to your elite circle - well that sounds like discrimination and that doesn't quite fit with the account which give of yourself. However, it's your world, so they're your rules.