I Don't Have Any Pictures In An Online Album

It is sad but because of silliness on EP, I have decided not to add photos to my profile. I don't need any false friends. Those friends that are "real" to me and seriously want to know what I look like can always ask. But, I doubt that they will because real friendship doesn't require a picture. If I said I was 350 pounds and 4'9" with a mole the size of a silver dollar with hair growing out of it (gross, what a visual) or that I am 5'11", 170 pounds with a dancer's body (I Tango and Ballroom dance), it doesn't matter.

I don't post pictures because I just don't want to deal with the b.s.
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I have just put away my picture today. I may be getting the wrong signal but I'm sure it wasn't a picture to attract pervs. And I have had enough of those people fanning me, when I look up to their profile having no stories witten. Or if there is. . .it would be just about sexing. geesh

People will fan you if you have pictures or not. I get less of it because I already let them know up front that I don't have pictures and won't be posting any. I also let them know that if they don't have stories written in their groups that I will not befriend them. I will most likely block them because I don't like EP stalkers.

I have come to love two different women without seeing their faces or anything else about them.<br />
I am a man and for professional reasons and security reasons can not post a picture of myself.<br />
It is wise not to do so.<br />
Now if any man wants to see beautiful unclad women even, isn't the world saturated enough with it?

I've seen you and you are beautiful just like your sisters. You are all beautiful women but your real beauty is on the inside. You are a great journalist. Your beauty shows through your words.

Thanks KingofSwords. You're the best almost brother-in-law, I've ever had.

Only the most shallow would demand sight of a picture before becoming a friend - or purport friendship just to see what you look like. Stories reveal the inner soul in a way which looks never can.

Very true Inspector.

i can't tell what you look like but i know you are somebody with a strong heart.

Real women really don't care what another woman looks like when they are speaking to them. It is about the shared common interests. Men care what a woman looks like. As stated in my profile, my profile picture is a representation of my day. I actually do look a lot like the picture except for that I am black and have long hair. I try to have a strong heart. The emphasis is on I TRY.

Pictures what do they tell me but for the moment taken was the past<br />
Our first sight is always visual and that how many people judge.<br />
I have no desire to look at someones photo on this site the real picture is in their words and heart.<br />
And that is what a person looks like to me.<br />

Well said Sower.

I agree with you and not having pictures in an album. Friends do not care about what you look like. They care about your attitude, personality and what you post.

I completely understand why you wouldn't want to post pics of yourself in your private photo album, unfortunately there are some men on this site that are just outrageously crude and vulgar in their comments and responses....but fortunately the ones in my circle have been kind, and complimentary.....I also concur with your statement that true friendship doesn't require pictures.... its a mutual respect for each other and admiration, something that I have for you and LadyGodiva,!!!

Good point. Amen!