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I am pretty much an open book. The stories I post here are the real me. I do not have a separate persona here as opposed to real life as some people do.  I attempt to be brutally honest here so if you hear anything and want to know if it is true- message me and I will give you an honest answer about me. I would rather you hear it from me than a drama monger.

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It is okay and I understand why you are the way you are but I thought I was highly intense until I met you lol

LMAO! That is true but seriously MM2 you are a great guy. You just get a little too intense for me sometimes. I am glad we are friends you make me laugh.

LOL maybe that was a previous K train lol.

Thanks Amy!

u r a good person fg,those who believe in u they will always love u n believe in u.♥

You are naughty! Now I am sure you can find some pro cowgirls here. lol

Well that is okay. I have my real friends that are here with me and everyone else can do what they want to do but for me, I only want to keep it real.

I know that feeling well. I think that is be the reason I used to be so trusting. I just couldn't believe that someone could fake their persona and not be real. :)

Thanks Faucon. I have always stressed that this site is a place where, if you choose to do so, you can be your real self. I maybe "Jaycee" in my real life but the only thing that is different between real life me and my online me is the name I go by.

Faucon, I think you are one of the most "down to earth" strong and kind women I have ever met. I have nothing but respect for you.

Lol morning.<br />
<br />
Thanks June. I love you my friend.

But I always avoid you FG, for no reason at all! LOL<br />
<br />
Kinda sad that people need to be reminded of this, huh? Rest assured that real friends know you're real :)

The Amish stand with you. Do you wish to shun them, the wicked. Its no problem since we are here anyway. We can get in our cars and drive over there.

LOL Iza<br />
<br />
Okay Ar<br />
<br />
Thanks Lily.... ditto<br />
<br />
Stony. Awww!

I send you a message if you say more then a few words back to me this time.

That is why we love you.

Well tell me. I am listening.

That is very little actually. There is just so much more..

Figure out what Stony?<br />
<br />
Ar, I know a lot about your emotionless and I did not run away. We are friends and I would not just dump you like trash.

You only like what you know so far. I don't know that you would stick around if you learned more about me.

But, much as I love you, even you can't figure it out.

I like you Ar but then again I like almost everyone. LOL<br />
<br />
I agree Dream. I appreciate that in you as well. I am enjoying your contributions here as well. You amaze me so far, Mr. Positive!<br />
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Stony, Most evenings I am in the mood for whatever it is you taste like and you know I will tell you when I am not lol.

Well, I'm sure she gets on well without me. As you know, I'm an acquired taste

I know sara and we have had some fun but i surely doubt many people here would like me if they got to know what is deep down in me. I at least know lala would stick around as a friend.

You are both missing out on two terrific women.

And Lala is the one whom I don't know.

If i am then i don't know it. Lala is the only one in my circle that you mentioned.

I thought you were friends with Pixelita too.

If anyone i don't know treats me wrong for no reason i block them. I wouldn't do it to sara or lala but i don't have any idea who pix is.

I thought my grams had jumped on EP when I first saw her too Pix!!!Stony, I know I do and I love all of you. ((hugs)) Just 3 or 4 that do stuff like that anyway but they make it hard on everyone else.Ar, Sounds like a plan to me unless it was someone that is normally nice then I aould unblock them. Like you wouldn't want to block Pix, Sara, or Lala!!!

I think you have alot of people who strongly support you, FG.

Well i said something pretty mean to them and blocked them so they can't have the last word. When a womenz can't get that last word in they freak out so she is probably going to have a ruined day!

It all boils down to jealousy....and there's no getting around's freaking human nature...pitiful and sad...<br />
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Hey... EstherHorowitz looks alot like my grandma!! Well...excpet for the "eye" LOL!!!!!!!!

You've always been a class act.

HC, I heard that you have a sexy a$$ but of course i started that rumor because God knows all my friends are fine lol.<br />
<br />
Ar, LOL we all have to come with a disclaimer and I used effing spellcheck too lol

I just got bashed on for misspelling a word.. I know what you mean about the drama.

LOL Esther. Of course there are some that want to judge others and spread naughty vicious lie filled rumors about other members which have no basis other than jealousy. I don't play those games. is drama-mongers hyphenated? Dayum spell check. Someone is going to start a rumor that I am a dumba$$ now.<br />
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Stony, Oh you just don't hand in the right person's circle lol

I've never seen anything about you that was not very positive.