i just wrote a story about some bad news i received. i realized as i was reading it that maybe some people would try put it into perspective by belittling it and comparing it to a bigger struggle (well i was doing that myself). but i don't need this to feel better about my problems. my feelings, emotions, and experiences are subjective to who i am and the 27 years that have been written on my slate. i can empathize with another's struggles if they are measurably bigger than mine but i cannot stop feeling my pain when something happens in my life that is comparative to my own experiences...thats all i know...if we all compared our struggles i think we would stop writing them here. when i join a group that has an experience that i resonate with, i actually write my story first before i read the others...because if i read a story that was harder than mine or more difficult, i would probably feel that mine had no place. but that's not true. all our experiences have a place here. all are worthy and important and true and real....i hope no one has this experience of feeling compared and hence less than someone else. its not
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if u can't find the spot just create it.

yeah - we all have our own struggles - I'm still looking for the right spot to post mine