With some friends, I truly wish I could just reach up, and take away all of their pain. Be able to say the things that would take t heir hurt and pain away. But I can't. I have to sit on the sidelines, and watch, but be there for them. I'll always be t he listening ear, I'll always listen. I will never judge. I will always love and support them. I just wish I could take all the pain and hurt away. Truly.
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Hi! I am new to this sight and I truley believe "What True Happiness" Is"! True happiness,Loving happiness that will sustain the years of my Life no matter what my circumstances are.I believe this simply because we all need to believe in our self! Sometimes it is hard to take all the pain away but they are so luckey to have a friend like you! So keep caring. I only wish there were more people like you. Good Luck! "Please let me know whats going on.. Im new to this sight and hope I helped a little..... Anto815

I second this post and the sentiment. *hugs*