Over & Over Again.!

They tell you the same dead end promises over & over like your not old enugh to tell they bluffing & just telling you what you want to hear, well I'm fed up!! I already know its gonna be just another broken promise so I'll be the smart one this time around & NOT BELIEVE YOU!! So just save it for the next dummy.!

ThoughtWeWereInseparable ThoughtWeWereInseparable
3 Responses Apr 21, 2010

Keep your expectations high! You have to be right with yourself before you can expect anyone to be that way with you.Disappointments are a part of life.They make you stronger! Surround yourself with positive people. When I am angry or upset-I smile-it is weird-but-if you force yourself to do this you seem to not sweat the little stuff! Enjoy your life as best you can-you only live it once!

Keep you expectations low. Do not rely on another for your happiness.

If you don't believe in the first place, you can't get hurt. That's right, don't forget it sweetie.