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I don't really know what I am, but breaking down, being weak, and showing emotions out in the open is just something I'm not. Yes, im that friend that listens to everybodys problems, and now I find myself caught up in it. I would never go and anybody. I think I've gotten to a point where I find my problems not as important as other peoples problems. Or that they just wont understand and I'd be left looking like a fool. Things are just complicated like that I guess. 
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I would love to find someone I could relate to so they could fully understand what I am talking about. Sometimes I try to explain things to my friends but they either try to fix me or stare at me like I'm an alien. And as far as crying in front of anyone . . . NO WAY! I would like to but, being a guy, there is that stigma of a crying guy is week. I don't want to do that.<br />
My dad, however, will cry at the drop of a hat and he is a very cool guy. He says crying is good fro the soul and good stress relief. I do that in my room, but it sure would be nice to be accepted.<br />
Anyway, thanks for bringing this up Hope! I looked at your other stuff and I like what you write. Can we be friends?

i dont even cry anymore. whenver i feel the urge to i logocalise how it wont help anytihng and i dont . I dont break down (or didnt used to) then jsut now i coulndt help but leak a little of my feelings to my best frined and for some reason eventhough it wasnt anytihng bad toward them) tey ran off and cried and is now not talking to me. wtheck! so i can see i was right all this time and i sold have jsut kept things to myself. (or at lest away from anyone that actuly knows me. i complane on here but i also dont ahve any firneds or anyone in my circle so its more of a venting thing to the endlessness of the enternet. i even denyed adding my best frined (she doesnt know it becasue as far as she knows i dont evne know she ahs an ep). but oh well

i'm like that too. when I cry, I like to do it behind closed doors. and I listen to all sorts of problems that others have, and I look at mine and feel like they pale to insignificance. But when I get angry at myself for being upset, I need to realize we all break down at some point, and we have our reasons. They might not be good enough for some, but what we feel is real and something we have to deal with. And I have a feeling that someday, someone will see you break, because it happens to all of us, especially when we form close relationships with people and we inevitably open up