Cry Thru It Alone.

I dont want the sugar daddy I am living with see me break down. I am scared that once he does, he wont want me around anymore. I just feel like it isnt his job to help me thru anything that I am going thru.. I have actually contacted my ex which was the father of my child, and told him about everything. His reply was that he wished that he could be with me right now, that even though this is the first timing he heard of me having his child his heart is heavy knowing that I have to go thru with this, that he feels that he took part in destroying the child to, and that he still loves me and wishes that I would come back to him. He even said that he has been getting out of the game, and trying to get clean that he is trying to change his ways because when he saw me leave it broke him..

No I dont believe him, even though I want to I know deep down that it is all bulls'hit.. but it would be nice to have his shoulder to cry on. I am thinking like an idiot right now though. AND no he still doesnt know where I am at. I know if he found out he would be out here and no telling what he would do to me, I am not that stupid.. So I guess this is yet another thing I am going to cry thru alone..
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Awww man....