What Do You Want From Me!!!

your always asking me whats wrong. and you know that if i tell you whats wrong with me im just gonna break down and cry and i dont want you to see me cry!! but you always insist on me to tell you whats wrong!
what do you want from me!!is this what you want to hear....
im am not okay i am far from okay. is it the fact that im always angry all of the sudden you want to know whats wrong with me. you want me to talk to you and tell you how i feel well than here it is.
everyday i feel destroyed,angry, i feel like a big ball of ash! i feel like a rose that you receive on valentines day and you leave it on the counter and you give it a few days weeks or even months if its lucky then all of a suddne the rose starts to turn brown and then as the days go by the rose petals fall one by one, piece by piece they just fall only so many petals can fall to the ground just like a human only so may tears i can cry until i cant cry anymore. so much you can take until you get to the point were your to DESTROYED to function,to destoryed to wake up in the morning to destroyed to even breathe TO DESTROYED TO EVEN.......... LIVE. if thats what you werent expecting to hear well im only 16 and im hurt, and broken and im not perfect so deal with it!!!!!
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I really felt about every word you write here. I wish for you enough happiness to keep you sweet and enough trials to keep you stong and enough faith to give you courage and enough determination to make each day a good day for you . Remember that you are not alone any more we can help each other.

If you ever want to talk :) message me

If you're angry at that person, you should say it out. It will make you feel better and allow the person to understand why and perhaps make things easier for both of you.