Crying Is For the Weak

Crying is for the weak is what my father would tell me as a child. That and crying shows everyone your weakness and they will take that and use it against you. And it does not matter how hard I try I can not get that out of my head. I was told not to cry in front of the people who he sold me to for the night He would beat me if I did. I was told not to cry when my brother died, and by the time I was ten I didn't cry when he killed himself. I didn't cry when he took my mom's life, well not in front of people I waited until I was my room alone to cry for her. Crying is for the weak, I tell myself its not true but it is just stuck in my head.
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I cry easily whether I am laughing, arguing, or happy. The funny thing is I get my point across whether I have tears or not. I believe (just my belief) that people that express emotions easily have a less stressful life. I couldnt imagine how stressful it would be to want to laugh out loud, but can't because you'll be seen as obnoxious , or want to cry because you are sad, but can't because you're seen as weak. Our society promotes masking, which can be bad and good depending on the situation.

I have only cried once because I was laughing and that was when my sister pulled this hat so far down her head it got stuck. lol. She was only 2 at the time but it was funny. Don't say sorry about my past, it was not your fault, It was my fathers and his fathers for teaching him. I have learned to 'deal' with it. I am sure your ma doesn't mean to make you cry when you two argue. She is your ma and she loves you...

Sorry to hear of ur past. Personally i've always seen crying as a sign of weakness. Esp when in arguments, or when angry-i always end up crying! Esp with ma, she always make me cry when arguing! Feel like i've lost a battle of wills! Even try to keep it in! Hate it so much! Others reckon it's frustration that's making me cry. I've never cried at deaths or soppy films, only when angry or really, really emotional. Been yrs since havin such a laugh to cause tears.