Can't Be Seen Crying By Any Person

I'll look weak and it invites attack, so I really do avoid being out in public in daylight. It's nice to be out in the country where no-one is around anyway because I don't have to be so paranoid about being seen.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Crying in the rain sounds interesting. People's reations towards you would be strange to observe because they wouldn't know that you're crying. I suppose it wouldn't be noticeable at all...unless it was the really broken kind.<br />
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"It invites attack?" That's just wrong. I know that that's how reality is, but I can't accept that someone would want to kick someone whilst they're down like that. When I see someone crying, I feel terrible that I can't help enough.<br />
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In my opinion, not being able to cry is worse than crying. I agree that it's like a release. I once lost the ability to cry for a while, but boy did I release it much later. It felt so unnatural - I was scared that there was something wrong with me.<br />
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I personally don't like crying in public because...I just don't. I don't like people to percieve me in a vulnerable way; I feel uncomfortable.

Aw, that's are right though, that it can be dangerous to be vulnerable in public. <br />
Maybe it is even worse so if you are a guy. People seem to look for an excuse to beat up on people when they are down. Do they pick on the strong? NO, they wait until they are down first. Cowards!!

Thanks Jojo.:) It's just outside if someone sees me/anyone crying they will see it that way, especially in places where there are people. I am just wary. It's a safe country, this; but only if you appear to be strong. :/

Crying is not a weakness! It's a release. Crying helps restore the soul. Don't be afraid to cry. I have a shoulder you can cry on! I won't judge you.