Celery Tastes Like Disappointment

Ten words are not nearly enough to adequately convey your thoughts.

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You are right! How about at least fifty words to make a meaty concise paragraph to tell a story. I'll give that one a go!

Klaus is a big fan of Foreigner.<br />
Maybe cause he's foreign? Well, not here though. Here he's just . . . normal. And a Foreigner fan.

Foreigner is weeeeak and overplayed. I'll take a few good Eddie Money songs anyway. Well, if we're talking about semi-corn 70s and 80s acts anyway.<br />
<br />
But your trash talk has got me shaaaakin (whoooa oh oooh)

No... I'm hot blooded... check it and see...

Well I'm busy doing other stuff so I didnt have time to think of something on my own. You go away for weeks or perhaps months and the only thing you think to do is come back and burn poor little me?<br />
<br />
You're cold-blooded.

You really ARE unoriginal.... like I haven't heard THAT a million times!

hahaha. In your stalk.

Okay, I know I'm late to the game here, but...<br />
<br />
Celery tastes like disappointment???? <br />
<br />

Haha oh I remember Powerthirst! My friends used to quote it all the time! Oh, now I'm thinking about my epic friends. I miss them. Wah wah, I'm just gonna come and get my humid eyes all over your eleven word story. I OBVIOUSLY haven't had any Powerthirst lately, or ever. <br />
<br />
So Celery tastes like disappointment? Word on the street is, you SMELL like disappointment, among other things. That must be why you guys get on so well. Mutual disappointment, yo. Oh appointment! That reminds me! I have one with the moon! :D

It's ok, these 4 pages take a few seconds to read :)

I was going to say that celery is disappointment, then I saw I would have to read through 4 pages of commentary. I'll post it anyway. :P

The first equation I've seen all morning, therefore, agreed.

The most righteous eqation i've seen all morning.

(Drunk teens + terrible making out + driving) + death = awesome.

Almost ****.

I dig revurkas.

I dig, dig, dig, dig tragedy.

It really does, fire makes everything better, like 'splodey, and awkward crime scenes..

haha. The fire makes it better.

"**** us!" "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"


I am a bag of sandwiches.

He'll get whats coming to him

He's like a grumpy old man in a 22 year old's body. Veird yah.

Your brother sounds like Steve. Just a hater.

I'm slowly working my way through them and giggling my *** off. I laughed so loud watching Powerthirst that my brother came into my room to see what was going on, but being the boring **** that he is, he just rolled his eyes at the pure epicness that is Powerthirst.

Yeah I almost peed my pants the first time I saw Powerthirst. NFL Crunchtime is good too, lol. I keep forgetting that they all are. "You Choose the Words, You Choose the Tone! You're a biiiitch?"

Manana, Fizzbitch, GUN! Hump-Catting! Bahaha this is laugh out loud funny.

lol. Powerthirst 2 is great. WHEN GOD HANDS YOU LEMONS YOU FIND A NEW GOOD.

You WILL have 400 babies, and they'll run really fast.. like KENYANS.<br />
Hahaha I can't stop watching these now.


... I think I just had a vidgasm. But I also feel the overwhelming urge to kick mother nature in the face with my power legs..

hahaha. That's great. Ever seen the Picnicface stuff? http://picnicface.com/videos.php. They're all funny but special attention should be paid to the Powerthirsts, All About Halifax, the Bingo one and maybe the lawyer one. Haha... its all a bit too silly. But its silly magic.

That was puntastic. He really isn't afraid of goats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZw87CSV-o4&feature=channel

121 used to herd goats but he got tired of the scene. That's what caused his youth angst and piercing phase. I hear he's in Big Brothers / Big Digits now... helping out innercity youth. He always tells them "No matter what happens, you can count on me."

At least 118 ain't afraid of no goats.

118 and 121 used to room together back at Community College. Not everyone can be number 1.

118 is the oddest number of all time, and technically, it's an even number. Oh yes. Work that one out.

The oddest number I've ever seen was 121. He came walking into this bar I was at with no pants and he had one of those chains that connected a nipple piercing on his 1 to his nose on his 2. That cat was odd!

Eleven is way different than ten. It's exponentially more impressive than ten.