Kill Your Tv

My father was very strict and pretty unconventional. TV was against the rules. We had a TV and a VCR, movies were allowed (rarely) but TV never. At one point, when I was a curious pre-adolescent girl, we were living in Brazil. Soap Operas or 'Novelas' are very popular there. Other kids found it very strange that I did not know anything about what was going on in the current Soaps. I felt very left out and really needed acceptance. 

Soon I started to sneak out. My next door neighbor would let me in through her back yard and I would happily take my place on the rug next to her sisters, mother, and maids and watch the stories unfold. Not only did they all watch the soaps but they had delicious cakes made to snack on (another thing that was prohibited at my house).

Later, my brother and I, moved back with my mom. She had a TV and we were allowed to watch it. My brother became obsessed with TV and video games. I would sometimes even fake being sick just to stay home and watch TV.

However, I found myself always depressed after watching it. All those perfect families and their perfect lives. All those toys that I would never have...

We then moved to a rural area where TV was not an option. My brother still had his video games but we spent most of our time playing outdoors. We found a new kind of freedom.

Later, as a teenager I noticed how many more books I had read and how many real life experiences I had had more than my peers. I understood how lucky I had been not to grow up with TV. Though sometimes I felt ignorant to Pop culture and didnt quite fit-in as well as others, I knew that overall I had had a more productive childhood free of TV.

Now I occasionally watch it. There are some shows I enjoy, but usually I can get these online or by renting them. I still feel depressed after watching too much TV. Especially E! or the news (which are not really news) or what MTV has become... So much Bulls**t!! So much brain washing!! BUY this! Buy That! The disgusting fascination with Hollywood stars!  All the shallow ideals! All the junk food, pills, makeup to make you perfect, more pills, and on and on...

TV spreads the disease that is consumerism. It spreads ignorance and complacency. It helps women (and men) feel like they are not good-looking, rich or just simply good enough. It keeps people from seeing or caring about what is really going on in the world.

I am now grateful for my upbringing. My dad had good intentions, I just wish he had been more kind. Perhaps that way I could have learned my lesson sooner and without all the pain.



MissCalamitie MissCalamitie
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1 Response Jun 3, 2009

I agree with you. I stopped watching most TV about three years ago. Condescending, overwhelming, sensationalism you name it; anything to get your attention. If the news isn't bad enough they alter it for their own purposes. Even the Weather Channel can't resist the Hollywood approach to weather. If the weather isn't bad enough we'll make up unlikely scenerios to scare you more. Tidal waves in New York. Rick Cantore loves his stories doesn't he. Make up, camera, action, death and destruction at any cost. We are all consumer entities from the day were born until we die and that's how TV makes their money, advertising. Sell you more. Who says we value life and the quality thereof. Not in this society.