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The only commercial televison programs I ever watch are of two sports: Australian Football and international cricket, and the mute button on my TV’s remote control always gets a good workout.

Whenever a goal is scored in the football, and at the end of cricket overs –every six balls, for those who do not know the game- there is a 30-second commercial break, when the volume suddenly leaps and the images flash faster, as someone tries to sell me something.

There are the ads for cars, of course, and parts for cars, and car repairs. There are the fast-food ads –often featuring the drive-through, with the family in their car. And those for phone companies and banks and electrical goods.

I hate them.

I am less likely to choose a brand that I have seen advertised on television. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

During those breaks in the sporting action, I hit the mute button before the shouting begins, or the first notes of some sappy jingle, and I close my eyes. I relax, and listen to the ticking of my kitchen clock, and count to 30.

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OK, I admit it, perseverer... sometimes I *do* watch the ads and, if they look funny or interesting, I un-mute the TV and listen, too. I guess it is kind of an art-form, if done well.<br />
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It is the *shouting* ads that particularly annoy me -like those Harvey Norman ones. And those ads in which the business proprietor does their own spruiking, because they are too mean to pay an actor. Yech!

Well, I must say I admire your integrity to pure, unadulterated sport and your discipline. But for me, I watch the ads. Some of them are very clever and very funny. But then, I am deaf, so I don't have to worry about the volume or the mute button. I only have to touch my hearing aids!

i know i know. im like that too. i didnt like it when i got a new tv recently and the remote had a mute button but you have to press it twice because once it just turns it down. isnt that stupiD!? a mute button should make it mute. so my mute button will wear out twice as fast! <br />
another thing about bad tv is the sattelite service. when youre flipping through the stations to find out what is on it doesnt skip channels that i hadnt subscribed to. so you have to really pay attention even to channels that wont come in because some of them you have to hit a differ key than ^ to get over it. i think this is criminal. ever since tv came off of the airiel theyve been ruining the enjoyment of watching, at least for me. i never watch tv with commericals.

yeah I think they should save all the commericals till the end of the show, because no one really cares for them. I think we pay enough for cable to not have these advertisers trying to sell us something, consumerism is a good thing to a certain point. I think the world would be less greedy if they didnt make us think we needed all these things to live. And how about the commericals about medicines that help you.... but at the end they leave a list of side effects that are worst than what you had in the first place. I swear.

here in the states, if you have cable you can get a DVR. It's a hard drive connected to your TV. It records programs like a VCR without the tape. I now watch all TV delayed. I fast forward through the commercials. And the best part is that it can freeze live TV. So you can start watching a match till the first commercial and then you can freeze the fr<x>ame and walk away and do something else for awhile then come back and fast forward through the commercials and watch your match .... if you catch up to live TV then you just freeze it again and go do something (get a beer from the kitchen or make and eat a sandwich) and then come back and watch the rest of the match. You can also rewind and watch a scene over and over again (like that score that put your team ahead to stay!)

My remote doesn't work for the I just tune them out or think about something else. It is funny because my son is so into commercials--he is going to college in a year and is interested in marketing--and he thinks that commercials are fascinating and interesting. We disagree. I am beyond uninterested in watching them. So we watch TV...and a commercial will come on..and he will say--did you see that? And my response is always...I was not paying any attention to them! I love this post!!

I never miss a moment, neeran! The commercial breaks are always 30 seconds, and it's almost like a little meditation for me, counting the clock's ticking. <br />
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Heehee, Sis! I *did* wear out a mute button, although it took several seasons. And a mute button for life would be fantastic at peak hour, or when one of your Trooper's mates goes screaming past my home, as well as for silencing certain people.

My Dad is like that he too hates commercial breaks during a cricket match, He would often change the channels much to my annoyance because I would miss some cricket replays LOL!

Haha, you and me both, Brother! I've almost worn my mute button out!! I often wish I had a mute button for life....hehe, there are plenty of people I'd love to point it at and hit MUTE! ;"p