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I have two TV's in my house. They are for watching movies only. I don't have cable. Not even basic cable. The TV's are very rarely ever on. I live in the country and my kids and I are outside every chance we get. Watching TV brought a lot of stress to my life. And I noticed my kids watching it more and more. We read together now, interact better, and just communicate better. My son doesn't even play his Wii hardly ever now. Now don't get me wrong. I miss watching certain shows like American Idol. But my parents don't live too far from and they record it for me. My kids get along so well. I just don't see the point in watching any more. The stuff in the news is going to happen whether I watch or not.
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Oh!!!! right... right! Because the world didn't start until there were televisions. People didn't learn to read and write until there were televisions. People didn't learn other languages before televisions. Get a life sweetie. My son can speak Italian AND Spanish. And you know... he didn't learn from a television!

well i don't have kids and you remind me why i don't want any and you have a lot of nerve talking about what people do and don't take the time to read

i said god help you if you keep doing what you currently are when your kids are teenagers and WHY

but i think i will try a different appoach i can tell you that i learned a sunificant portion of my alphebet watching wheel of fortune, i have gleaned serveral interesting facts from shows like jepardy and who wants to be a millonaire

i knew a woman who's 3 year old grandson was learning spanish from watching Dora and Deigo

and if i ever needed proof that TV is not an ill in the world there was the 2rd grader featured on inside Edition who saved his sisters life using CPR he learned from watching the movie blackhawk down

Oh no!! What ever shall I do?!?!? My poor poor children are going to grow up ignorant because I don't let them watch TV!!

My son is five years old and in kindergarten. He learns as much as he needs to about worldly news or current events at school. Actually, they had people come who are from Japan and speak with them about the devastation there. I think he gets plenty of information. My daughter is three and maybe I should start letting her know what's going on in the world now? Yeah I'll get right on that. As far as when they are teenagers, I will jump that hurdle when I get there.

The last time I checked people have been raising their children without the help of Dr. Phil for many years. If you can't control your children without television or the aid of a ridiculous show that is your problem. Mine happen to be intelligent and well rounded kids and believe it or not they are that way without television.

My kids know their way around a PC and can even use a laptop! How bout that! But I should have let them watch some television to figure it out right? Damn... I hope they are using the mouse right!

I never once wrote anywhere on this page that I 'refuse' to watch the news. I read my local paper online if I feel like it and I get CNN updates on my phone for important information. Maybe you're the ignorant one for not taking the time to read what people write.

So rainy days, and winter time... Wow.. We just sit around and twiddle our thumbs because we are too ignorant to play board games, computer games, puzzles, books, coloring, painting, hide and seek, baking cookies or pies or homemade bread, play-dough or clay, crafts of countless numbers, building forts, video games, and plenty of other things that you probably have zero idea about. My kids are two years apart and they are best friends. Sure they get into tiffs every now and then. They are siblings after all.

You might need the aid of a television to raise your children. I sure as hell don't.

so you don't pay attention to what' in the news what;s happening and you have kids whom you are basically teaching to be just as ignorant and unimformed

the great thing about telivision is you can CHOOSE what you watch and isn't it better to teach them how to MANAGE things rather than them go to college say and be inudated with all this stuff and flunk out because they have no gadgit management skills

and god help you if you keep that stance as they are teenagers and because you don't have your TV on and don't hear about the morning show segmant talking about bullying or the Dr. phil show detailing the latest drug/ dangerous trends invoving teens you had no clue what to look for

so your kid could be a drug aditict or experimenting w/ drugs and you not know

could be either a bully or being bullied and you miss the signs

could be a victim of dating violence and you completly in the dark

creating social media pages right under your nose and you not know

all because you refuse to watch the news didn't hear about morning show or other programs w/ topics that might help you raise your kids

and tell me how is it you commmunicate better with your kids with no TV how do you keep them occupied you know in winter when its not ok to play outside or when it gets dark by 5 pm how do you keep them from fighting like cats and dogs ????

I don't. It's fantastic. And the amazing part is... everything in the news is going on whether I watch or not! How bout that! And I have weather bug on my phone. And if I get really curious I can go to or some other online news site.

and how do you keep track of what's going on in the world

you know the news, the weather????

Internet ;)