Health Concerns

Now, before you think I'm creepy, I figured I would check this out because I've heard before that bra's and larger breasts can cause back pain.

Now I know why.
This article ^ explains why you don't need a bra unless you're jogging or some other strenous activity.

How could you possibly choose?
I had no idea ^ explains how many different bras there are. whew!

Last but not least, studies show around 80% of women ARE WEARING THE WRONG SIZE!! because the design of the bra is FLAWED!!! (See the section about Mr. Tyler in the link below)
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I have checked out 007 site. It is very informative. I watched my mother die from breast cancer and after finding out that bras are deadly, I stopped wearing them. At work, I wear camisoles under my shirt. They cover more than a bra does, and no one has ever said anything to me.