I Quit!

Well awhile back my boyfriend at the time(husband now) dared me i couldn't go a hole week with out wearing a bra.Well i WON!And i haven't put one on since and that is now just over a year ago.I was a 36c and suspect i still am,but i'am never going back,i just can't believe how much discomfort i put myself threw.
Hollymay26 Hollymay26
26-30, F
5 Responses Sep 11, 2012

More women should take note of what you have done and join the same 'club'!

32B duh all you girls outshine me!! I have very sensitive breasts

i'am sure they are just perfect though because they are all yours

love them

Been braless for a day, almost 34B. Still like my bra, stops the jiggles and nipples from showing if they get that way, you know.

Let the nipples show. We men love looking at them.

34B but I also love being braless. Sometimes I have to wear one (for work) or need to wear one (when running or working out), but I am happiest without one on.

sweet !