Though Maybe I Need To Start

I just have A's, well 44A cup to be precise.

But lately my baggy loose fitting tops are not so lose fitting any more.

Have had a numver of comments from family and friends, pretty much all women, that maybe I need a bra.

Sports ot training was my first thought.

Hummm, maybe I just need to go out and by some more loose fitting tops.

We'll see.

I almost feel like I am finally going through what I missed so many years ago ... puberty. I was jealous when other girls started budding and growing and I didn't.

Now, I'm not complaining, though I would like them bigger someday. It was felt kinda nice that they were noticed.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
5 Responses Feb 26, 2010

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Let the sisters have their freedom :-)

awe, Id still kiss, lick, and suck on those **** of yours sweetie. MMMMMM!!!

no bra should touch those beautiful breasts

You are nice ****. Wearing a bra is a sin.