I dated an Arabic man. He didn't have any idea that Im not wearing a bra under my spaghetti shirt and a panties inside my torn, stone washed jeans.

While we were eating, one of the strap of my shirt fell and he saw half of my boobs. He was so surprised. He asked my why I don't have anything on. I put my hands under the table and unzipped my jeans. I grabbed his hands and guide it inside my unzipped jeans and said, " I dont even have panties."

His jaw dropped. He whispered words to me.

We rushed to his flat and you certainly know what happened next.
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Nothing like a HOT woman!

Nice.........I like your spirt

U r so dangerus. Love to meet u. Can we b frnds?

Exciting. In another story, we still would want to know what happened next in your own words, LoL. :-) :-)

That is wonderful!

turned me on real good reading your story..

sounds like a very exciting and satisfying time,,,